In a noisy world where a new awareness is arising, scented candles have become a companion in our most fulfilling and luxurious quest: stillness and calm.

Calming Park was conceived in 2000 with the release of the homonymous music compilation by Universal Music put together by Olivier Rohrbach, swiss music designer and « synesthete par excellence » (Olivier is also a journalist, DJ and photographer). In 2006, soon before the release of the fifth volume of Calming Park, Olivier Rohrbach was dreaming of producing a scented candle that would bring to life the Nevada landscapes depicted on the album artwork. In those warm summer days he was under way in southern France for an article he was writing on the area, and while visiting Grasse he met Marie Duchêne, a parfumeur, whose expertise helped him make his dream come true.

The scented candle «Cactus» was presented as a giveaway during the launch events for the album that took place in Zurich, Switzerland and in a SPA in Connecticut, USA. The candle met with instant success, so much so that it was then produced regularly. «Sequoia», the second scent in the product line, was marketed a few months afterwards, soon followed in May 2007 by «Fig-Bamboo». During fall 2009, Calming Park teams up with designer Bruno Pieters and create his first co-branding with the release of “Amber – Pepper”. SPA and luxury resorts/hotels are naturally places where candles are home and it was from there that come the inspiration for “SPA de Provence”, Calming Park’s fourth scented candle, created originally for Four Seasons Provence - SPA Terre Blanche which is now available with revisited stronger orange blossom note in the new 2017 collection.

In the past years, Calming Park has collaborated with TOD’S, Omega, The White Briefs, Neil Barrett, Hogan, Honest By but also with singer Melody Gardot on signature candles.

This autumn-winter, Calming Park unites with H&M HOME for a collection of four evocative scents. Inspired by natural elements such as the fig (Fig Tree), freshly cut grass (Green Terrace), cedarwood (Cedar Lounge) and cinnamon (Cinnamon Dream), the highly concentrated scented candles and reed diffusers are made in France and housed in simple yet sophisticated packaging. The collection “H&M Home x Calming Park” is available in selected H&M HOME stores and online now.

How do i relax?

Through my work as a journalist, I had the opportunity to meet many talented musicians and to ask them this question: HOW DO YOU RELAX ? These are the answers of some of them, whom I particularly admire.

“How do I relax? Dreaming, thinking of the future or the past and wondering, that’s the way I relax!”

Arielle Dombasle

“I get as far away as I can from people.”

Asaf Avidan

“I relax by going horse-riding, I really like to do this. I like to be on the country side. I relax also swimming in the sea, that’s very relaxing.”

Alison Goldfrapp

“I go skiing. Also taking long walks with my children can be very relaxing.”

Diana Krall

“I find it really hard to relax! The only thing that makes me relax is to fall in love with a girl and then for a while I would want something else from life besides working… until we break up. But it lasts for only 3 months.”

Erlend Øye

“I simply lay in bed and watch TV or movies that I have recorded. Otherwise by reading Henry James. I am obsessed with his novels!”

Françoise Hardy

“I like to cook and spend as much time with my boyfriend and friends as possible and turn my phone off.  At the moment I am desperate for massages, whenever I can fit them in I do!”

Jessie Ware

“Hmm… What do we do ? I don’t really do much sometimes. If I have free time, I like to stay home or catch up with some girlfriends. Having a luscious diner with some champagne and then maybe some tequila!”

Kylie Minogue

“By taking long baths and burning scented candles!”

Melody Gardot

“It had to involve chocolate, music, sex or fireworks. Or possibly a combination of all four.”


“My tranquillizers are called Yoga, chamomile and marijuana.”

Sabina Sciubba

“The ultimate way to relax is to be finally home and do nothing!”

Sarah Blasko

“I like relaxing reading, that’s when I get the most far away from the world, when I read. Sometimes, I really go far, far away when I read.”

Vanessa Daou

“With a glass of gin and a copy of the New Yorker.”

Willy Moon

“I meditate. I eat and I meditate. I walk and I meditate. I talk and I meditate. Meditativeness makes my life healthier. It is an intrinsic value in my life. Sometimes I do yoga, but not in a ritualistic way.”

Yoko Ono